Ancestry.com. Pennsylvania, USA, mönstringsrullor från inbördeskriget, 1860-1869 [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2015.
Originaldata: Pennsylvania (State). Civil War Muster Rolls and Related Records, 1861–1866. Records of the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, Record Group 19, Series 19.11 (153 cartons). Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

 Pennsylvania, USA, mönstringsrullor från inbördeskriget, 1860-1869

Från Pennsylvania skickades uppskattningsvis 360 000 soldater för att delta i det amerikanska inbördeskriget. Det var den näst största kontingenten i nordstatsarmén. Den här samlingen innehåller mönstringsrullor för dessa soldater från Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania sent an estimated 360,000 men to fight in the Civil War, the second-largest number of troops from any Northern state. This collection includes muster out rolls, arranged by regiment and thereunder by company. They list the soldier’s name, age, rank, unit, regiment and company; the date, place, and person who mustered him in; the period of enlistment; and the name of the commanding officer. Other details can include where the soldier enlisted, whether he was drafted or was paid as a substitute, pay earned, money owed to the U.S. for clothing or missing equipment, promotions, capture by the enemy, illnesses, and bounty paid and owed.

At the end of the musters, transfers, deaths, and deserters were often listed, typically with details about the circumstances (e.g., where and when transferred; cause, date, and location of deaths; dates and places of desertion, etc.).

The paper documents are on large sheets that were digitized in sections. For pages with missing headers, scroll back to the image with the top of the muster to identify the various sections of the record.