Ancestry.com. Nebraska, vigslar, 1856–1898 [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2004.
Originaldata: Liahona Research, comp. Nebraska, Marriage Index, 1856-1898. Index compiled from county marriage records in microfilm, microfiche, or book format located at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah by Liahona Research (P.O. Box 740, Orem, Utah 84059). For specific source information see the source field listed for each entry.

 Nebraska, vigslar, 1856–1898

This database contains information on individuals who were married in select areas of Nebraska between 1856 and 1898. A list of which counties are included in this index is provided below. Information that may be found in this database for each individual includes their name, spouse's name, marriage date and place, and source information. Marriage records are great sources for genealogists because they document an individual in a particular place and time as well as provide details about that person's marriage.

It is important that you use the information found in this database to locate your ancestor in the original records that this index references. Usually more information is available in the records themselves than is found in an index. For example, marriage records sometimes provide the birth dates and places of the bride and groom, their parents' names, their addresses, and witnesses' names, in addition to the information found in this index.

Nebraska's marriage records have been kept locally by counties since their organization. You can obtain a copy of a marriage record from the County Clerk's office in the county where the marriage license application was completed.

Each county name is followed by the approximate years covered. Note that this index is not comprehensive and will not contain all marriages that occurred within these time periods and localities.

  • Adams County, 1872-1884
  • Buffalo County, 1871-1884
  • Cuming County, 1866-1887
  • Dodge County, 1856-1885
  • Sarpy County, 1857-1898
  • Washington County, 1856-1874