Ancestry.com. Irland, uppgifter om småbrott, 1818-1919 [webbaserad databas]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2020.
Originaldata: Ireland Petty Session Court Registers: CSPS 1, National Archives of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

 Irland, uppgifter om småbrott, 1818-1919

Den här samlingen innehåller uppgifter om domstolsförhandlingar om småbrott i Irland under åren 1818-1919.

This collection includes details of petty session cases held in courts across Ireland for the years 1818-1926. It includes details of over 23 million individuals involved in petty session hearings.

Petty sessions were the lowest tier in the court system and usually involved cases such as drunkenness or minor theft. They were presided over by magistrates and did not involve a jury.

Details for each individual recorded in this collection may include (where available):

  • Name
  • Role in the case
  • Date of the hearing
  • Location of the court
  • Occupation
  • Offence