Ancestry.com. USA, omflyttningsregister för Tennessee Valley-kyrkogården, 1933-1990 [webbaserad databas]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2014.

Tennessee Valley Authority. Resource Group. Cemetery Relocation Files, 1933–1990. NAID: 656399. Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918–2000, Record Group 142. The National Archives at Atlanta, Georgia.

 USA, omflyttningsregister för Tennessee Valley-kyrkogården, 1933-1990

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) grundades 1933. TVA tvingades omlokalisera människor, kyrkogårdar och institutioner för att bereda mark för dammar och vattenkraftverk. Den här samlingen innehåller uppgifter om gravar som måste flyttas för att projektet skulle gå att genomföra.

The Tennessee River Valley was in many places prone to flooding and was hard hit economically during the Depression years. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was established in 1933 with the goals of alleviating flooding problems, generating affordable electricity, facilitating better river navigation, manufacturing fertilizer, and bolstering local economies.

While there were many benefits, thousands of people, cemeteries, and other institutions had to be relocated from places that were to be flooded to make way for dams and hydroelectric power plants. This collection includes grave removal records from cemeteries that were in the path of projects.

In this collection, you'll find a variety of forms related to the removal and relocation of headstones and remains from affected cemeteries. Grave removal records include the order of removal, disinterment report, transportation record, and the certificate of reburial. Details may include the original location of the grave, name of the deceased, date and cause of death, name and address of the nearest relative, location where the remains were reburied, condition of the remains, and date of reburial. You may find a detailed description of the headstone in some records and possibly a photograph. You may also find maps and lists of interments, correspondence related to the various cemeteries, and other documents with similar information.

Locations mentioned in this collection include:

  • Cedar Creek, Alabama
  • Nottely, Georgia
  • Gilbertsville, Kentucky
  • Guntersville, Kentucky
  • Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
  • [Unnamed], Kentucky
  • Chatuge, North Carolina
  • Fontana, North Carolina
  • Hiwassee, North Carolina
  • Johnsonville, North Carolina
  • Bear Creek, Tennessee
  • Bellefonte, Alabama
  • Boone, Tennessee
  • Bull Run, Tennessee
  • Cherokee, Tennessee
  • Chickamauga, Tennessee
  • Douglas, Tennessee
  • Fort Loudon, Tennessee
  • Gallatin, Tennessee
  • Nickajack, Tennessee
  • Normandy, Tennessee
  • Norris, Tennessee
  • Pickwick, Tennessee
  • South Holston, Tennessee
  • Tellico, Tennessee
  • Tims Ford, Tennessee
  • Watauga, Tennessee
  • Watts Bar, Tennessee
  • Wheeler, Tennessee
  • [unnamed], Tennessee