Ancestry.com. Sons of Utah Pioneers, minneskort [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2001.
Originaldata: Card index created by the Sons of Utah Pioneers, Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Sons of Utah Pioneers, minneskort

Här visas minneskort som förvaras vid huvudkontoret för Sons of Utah Pioneers.

The information on these cards comes from people who paid to have their pioneer ancestors names memorialized on special plaques at the Sons of Utah Pioneers National Headquarters building in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Memorial Gallery project is still ongoing.

Information on the cards include:

  • Name
  • Birth Date and Place
  • Death Date and Place
  • Spouse(s) name

Cards may also include information regarding the donor and SUP Chapter.

Cards are filed according to whether the ancestor came before or after the railroad in Utah (1869). Donors' addresses are found on the cards, but they are not included in the database.

For additional information, visit the Sons of Utah Pioneers headquarters and library in Salt Lake City at 3301 East 2920 South.