New York State Archives
Ancestry.com. New York, USA, mönstringsregister över officerare och meniga inför federal tjänstgöring, 1861-1865 [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2014.
Originaldata: Registers of Officers and Enlisted Men Mustered into Federal Military or Naval Service during the Civil War. Series A0389 (6 volumes). New York (State). Bureau of Military Statistics. New York State Archives, Albany, New York.

 New York, USA, mönstringsregister över officerare och meniga inför federal tjänstgöring, 1861-1865

Lär dig i denna unika samling mer om dina New York-släktingars tjänstgöring under inbördeskriget. Dessa register, som omfattar åren 1861 till 1865, från New York innehåller uppgifter om officerare och meniga som tjänstgjorde på den federala sidan under inbördeskriget.

In 1863, the New York Bureau of Military Statistics was tasked with collecting and preserving information on anyone who had served from the state since 15 April 1861. As part of that effort, questionnaires were mailed to former and current soldiers and sailors, friends or relatives of the soldier or sailor, medical officers in charge of United States hospitals, and local officials. These questionnaires were then compiled into volumes in three categories: those currently in service, those formerly in service, and volunteers who were deceased.

Details vary somewhat among the three categories, but details you may find can include:

  • name, age, and color
  • residence
  • place of birth
  • age at time of death (where applicable)
  • marital status
  • trade or occupation
  • voter and citizenship status
  • literacy
  • regiment first entered
  • date originally entered service
  • manner of separation from service (discharged, resigned, etc.)
  • length of service
  • first rank
  • promotions and transfers
  • re-enlistment
  • injuries and wounds, esp. missing digits or limbs
  • manner of death (for soldiers who had died)
  • survivors (for soldiers who had died)
  • disposal of remains (for soldiers who had died)
  • length of unexpired term as of June 1, 1865 (where applicable)
  • present regiment and rank (where applicable)
  • whether or not drafted
  • substitute or representative recruit
  • remarks, such as moral character, medals received, whether captured, death information, wounds received, resignation dates, mustering out dates, hospitalizations, desertions, or if incarcerated as a prisoner of war