Flint, James, comp.. Worcester county, Massachusetts, bevakningsregister, volym 1 & 2 A–Z, juli 1731–1881 [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.
Originaldata: Oliver B. Wood. Index to the Probate Records of the County of Worcester, Massachusetts. Boston, MA, USA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1898.

 Worcester county, Massachusetts, bevakningsregister, volym 1 & 2 A–Z, juli 1731–1881

Worcester County which is in central Massachusetts and runs from the north of Massachusetts to the south, with many historic towns including: Sturbridge, Worcester, Sutton, and Royalston. There are about 35,700 events recorded in this database. Although this simply lists a person, the type of probate record, and the date, it is invaluable as the place of residence at the date of the probate is recorded. There are numerous states listed where people were living when they or their kindred were at the time of the probate. This could help you locate a relative you thought was in MA, and they are found to be in Florida in 1840, or India. This helps in finding migration patterns. Also, it can help give you a clue as to where your family moved. There are three entries dated 1885, one entry dated 1888, one entry dated 1891, one entry dated 1894, all other records are from July, 1731- July, 1881. This database gives a listing of various types of Probate records as wills, administration of wills, guardianships, adoptions, etc. Information includes names, residence, nature of document, date.