Debra Graden. Nebraska, Pawnee-spejare, 1861–1869 [webbaserad databas]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 1999.

 Nebraska, Pawnee-spejare, 1861–1869

As former "Indian Territory" Nebraska still had many Native American residents during the American Civil War. A number of these Indians volunteered to aid Union forces operating from the territory. This database is a list of these men and was compiled from records kept by the Adjutant General of the state. In addition to providing such information as residence and assigned unit, researchers will find both the scout's English and Indian name. To those seeking information about Native Americans from Nebraska between 1861 and 1869, this can be a helpful collection.

Ancestry.com regrets to inform you that Debra Graden passed away unexpectedly. Photocopies of the original data will no longer be available upon request. We are grateful to Debra for the long hours she contributed to making her databases such useful resources to so many people.