Ancestry.com. Register över amerikanska begravningsuppgifter, 1847 - idag [webbaserad databas]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2011.
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 Register över amerikanska begravningsuppgifter, 1847 - idag

Den här databasen består av begravningsuppgifter publicerade i amerikanska tidningar, hämtade från begravningsbyråer och från olika källor på webben. Mängden innehåll i registren varierar, men många av dem är riktiga genealogiska guldgruvor med information om bland annat namn, datum, orter för födelse och dödsfall, vigsel och olika släktrelationer.

The collection contains recent cemetery and funeral home records. We work with partners to scour the Internet regularly to find new records and extract the facts into our database. Where available we include the original URL link to the source information. As the internet is a changing medium, links may stop working over time.

The wealth of genealogical and biographical information to be found certainly makes the effort of searching for one worthwhile. In addition to names, dates, and places of birth, marriage, and death, the obituary often identifies relationships of the deceased as child, sibling, parent, grandparent, etc., to numerous other individuals. These records may even suggest other documentation of an individual's death - a death certificate in another county because the hospital was located there; church or cemetery records (by identifying the place of burial or the officiating minister); or records of a coroner's inquest because the death was sudden or unexpected. And, of course, the wealth of detail in an informative obituary may open up many research avenues.

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