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Klassificering: Fråga
Efternamn: Bitz Seligmann
4th Great Grandfather, Nephtali Cerf Bitz, was born in Neuwied in 1732 He was Jewish. Am trying to find the names of his parents or other relatives. Can anyone help?
He married Esther Seligmann and they moved to Mutzig. He died there in 1812. My email is timbiltz819@yahoo.com
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Klassificering: Fråga
Efternamn: Bitz
Nephtali Cerf Bitz was born in the town of Stebach in the district of Neuwied. His father's name was Isaiah. They were Ashkenazi.
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Klassificering: Fråga
This family tree was published on www.geneanet.org by
Jacques.Libmann@orange.fr . You may write an email to him. He seems to be a distant cousin:

Nephtali BITZ

•Geboren im Jahre 1732 - Stebach,DEU,Neuwied,Rheinland-Pfalz,ALLEMAGNE
•Verstorben am 23. April 1812 - Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE , Alter: 80 Jahre alt

Eheschließungen, Kinder , die Enkelkinder und die Urenkel
◦Verheiratet mit Esther SELIGMANN, verstorben am 6 Brumaire Jahr II (27. Oktober 1793) - Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE ihre Kinder ■ Elizabeth BITZ 1772-1818 verheiratet am 9. November 1793, Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE, mit Michel WEYL 1770-1834 ihre Kinder
■ Rosalie WEYL 1794-1831 verheiratet am 18. August 1819, Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE, mit Elie SCHNERF 1792- ihre Kinder :
◦ Jacques SCHNERF 1820-1821

◦ Esther WEYL 1798-1828
• Michel WEYL 1801- verheiratet am 10. Juli 1828, Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE, mit Gatienne BLUM 1805-
• Jacques WEYL 1803- verheiratet am 11. Oktober 1832, Mutzig,67190,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,FRANCE, mit Dina SCHUHL 1809-
◦ Henriette WEYL 1809-1810

◦ Aron BITZ 1775-
■ Bernard BILTZ 1785- verheiratet am 1. November 1811, Blénod-lès-Toul,54113,Meurthe-et-Moselle,Lorraine,FRANCE, mit Rose Rachel LÉVY 1786- ihre Kinder
◦ Simon BILTZ 1812-
■ Adèle BILTZ 1815-1888 verheiratet am 13. Mai 1838, Paris,75000,Paris,Île-de-France,FRANCE, mit Samuel Haymann SIMON 1819-1894 ihre Kinder :
• Georges SIMON 1850-

◦ Cerf BILTZ 1817-
■ Jacob BILTZ 1820-1880/ verheiratet mit Jeannette SIMON 1818-1876 ihre Kinder :
■ Georges Julien BILTZ 1843-1924
■ Raphaël BILTZ 1856-1925

◦ David BILTZ 1822-1822
◦ Moyses BILTZ 1822-

◦ Simon BITZ 1790-

Gaby (Germany)
Inlagd: 1344140425000
Klassificering: Fråga
Thanks Gaby! You are so remarkable how you are willing to
help others. I would love to find out if Nephtali had brothers or sisters. I know Jacques. He has been a great
help. Gaby, you have lifted my spirits after a hard day of labor. Thank you so very, very much! God Bless!

Tim Biltz
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Klassificering: Fråga

I do not live too far from Neuwied and would be happy to help you. But unfortunately I have no idea how and where births of Jews were registered in teh Neuwied areabefore civil registration was introduced .

I you or Jacques could tell me that I would make a few telephone calls on your behalf to find out about your ancestor's siblings.
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Efternamn: Spader
I am visiting Neuwied in September. My relatives were from Runkel in 1600's to early 1700's before coming to New York.
Here's a sample of what I'm looking for:

I found info in some books.
Can you give me information about the "Archives" that are mentioned on many of these pages - here's an example

Paulus Spader. This later arrival was found at 5450 Neuwied [2km s of Niederbieber; Chbks. Begtin 1674. Ref.] Unfortunately, I have no idea what that means.

Also 1699 Neuwied Citizen's list [file 26-10-11 at Furstl. Wied Archiv]
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Klassificering: Fråga
I was wrong about Nephtali Cerf Bitz's father's name. His first name was Isac, not Isaiah.
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Klassificering: Fråga
What is this text from? Is it a document I can find on line?
Inlagd: 1377098454000
Klassificering: Fråga
they are from books - not on line. there are about 8 pages. can I attach them here? do you want me to e-mail them to you?
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Klassificering: Fråga
Yes, please! My email is timbiltz819@yahoo.com
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