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Chapa family

Chapa family

Ed Chapal (Granska inlägg)
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Klassificering: Fråga
Efternamn: Chapa, Vela
Dr. David Chapa (born 1881 Reynosa). Md. Raquel Vela (born 1901 Hidalgo Co?). His parents: Pablo Chapa (born 1843 Reynosa)and Matilde Cardenas (born ?? Monclova). David had many siblings.Anxious to confirm birthplaces and other facts.

Re: Chapa family

ChrisCGomez (Granska inlägg)
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Mr. Chapal,
My G-grandfather was Pablo Chapa Sr., married to Matilde Cardenas. My grandfather was Pablo Chapa Jr. Some of his siblings were Josefina, Rosa, Silverita, Maria, Abelardo, Alfredo, David, Federico, Maximilliano and maybe others. I do not have documents except pictures and information. I am willing to share info with you. Thanks.

Re: Chapa family, Pesqeria NL

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Klassificering: Fråga
Efternamn: CHAPA

Hello My name is Ernesto Hernandez Chapa,

I live in Brownsville and currently working on my family tree. My family is from Pesqueria and the surrounding areas. Like myself, I was born in Monterrey, NL.

I read your message on ancestry.com and wondered if you can share information on the chapas, Gonzalez, Villarreal, Guerra, De La Garza:


1. Pablo Chapa, abt. Circa (1848 – 1820)

Father: Unkown

Mother: Unkown

Spouse: Francisca Gonzalez Gonzaelez, abt. Circa (1848 – 1820), Married, 1849, Pesqueria, NL


A) Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1852), Pesqueria, NL

B) Feliciana Chapa Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1849), Pesqueria, NL; married, August 23, 1865 to Francisco Melendez abt. Circa (1845) in Pesqueria, NL; son of Vicente Melendez and Juliana Valdez

2. Francica Gonzalez Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1848 – 1843)

Father: Diego Gonzalez or Gonzales

Mother: Maria Manuela Gonzales or Gonzalez

Spouse: Pablo Chapa, (1848 – 1838), married in Pesqueria, NL

3. Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1852)

Father: Pablo Chapa

Mother: Francisca Gonzalez

Spouse 1st: Maria Andrea Rodriguez, abt. Circa (1857); married on


a) Pedro Chapa Rodriguez, abt. Circa (June 30, 1880)

b) Francisca Chapa Rodriguez, abt. Circa (1877); married on 30 Oct 1897 to Fedirco Cano, abt. Circa (1870), son of Anacleto Cano and Ramona Garza.

c) Genaro Chapa, abt. Circa (1877); married on September 23, 1899 to Maria de Carmen Moncayo Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1881) in Pesqueria, NL; daughter of Antonio Moncayo and Margarita Gonzalez.

Spouse 2nd: Maria Villareal Villareal, abt. Circa (1881)


It is not known but, it is believed that the Chapas and Gonzalez were from Matamoros and some from Monterrey, most likely form Municipio de San Nicolas de Los Garza, Apodaca, Agualeguas, Cerralvo or Mier. What is known is that Pablo and Bartolo had other children, but their identities are unknown. Some of Bartolo’s other children are believed to be named: Juan, Cayetano, Enrique and two or three daughters, names unknown.

4. Maria Villareal Villareal, abt. (1881)

Father: Preciliano Villareal, abt. Circa (1861 – 1851)

Mother: Ma. De Los Angeles Villareal, abt circa ((1851)

NOTES: According to church records of Sagrado Corazon, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico: Maria Villarreal Villarreal, daughter of Preciliano Villareal and Maria de Los Angeles Villareal, 1st marriage was on 02/04/1899 to Profirio Villareal son of Justo Villarreal and Antonia Villareal. There is no reference of any children. Maria Villareal must have been a widow or divorced from Porfirio Villareal.

Spouse: Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, abt abt. Circa (1851); married or common law marriage; 1900 to 1915.


a) Lorenzo Chapa Villareal, abt. ( 1911),

b) Pablo Chapa Villareal, abt. (11-20-1913)

5. Preciliano Villareal, abt. Circa (1861 – 1851)

Father: Unkown

Mother: Unkown

Spouse: Ma. De Los Angeles Villareal, abt circa ((1851)

There is no information that Preciliano was married a second time, however, it is known that he had other children. It’s believed that Preciliano migrated from Mexico, his place of birth, to El Encino, Brooks County, Texas in 1900 and was living with his Daughter Sabina Villareal de Rodriguez age 32, the wife of Ignacio Rodriguez 42 years of age, according to the March 17, 1920 census. Preciliano is listed as living in the Household as father in law age 62, which puts his date of Birth on or around 1858. Also living in the household were Ignacio’s children: Elena (11) , Candelario (9), Eloisa(7), Aparicio (14), Ignacio Jr (14) and a Sister in Law named Ladizlada Villareal (19) and a niece, Josefa Villarea age 14. Preciliano is listed as being widowed. He died in 6-3-1932 and is buried in the Antonio Villareal cemetery in Encino, plot 26, his date of birth is listed to be in 1961, but the census in 1920 list him as 62 years of age indicating that his year of birth was in 1958. He is buried next to Sabina Villareal (Plot 24) and Ignacio Rodriguez (Plot 23). Nestor Villareal, born 2/20/1894 and died in 12/20/1946, is buried in plot #25. There is no reference of Nestor being a relative of Preciliano, but they might be related.

Ignacio Rodriguez migrated to US in 1880 at age to since he is believed to have been born in 1878, as per the age indicated in the census. Sabina and Ladizlada were born in Mexico and migrated to US in 1900; their ages must have been 13 and 1 or 2, respectively. This indicates that both migrated with Preciliano to US during the 1900. There is no reference of the wife of Preciliano he was 42 when he migrated to US, he must have been a widow by time of his migration. Josefa Villareal age 14 must of have been born around 1906 in Star County, but ther is no mention of her father or mother. Since Josefa was Sabina’s niece and Ladizlada was too young to give birth, it is concluded that Preciliano must have had a son or another daughter.

6. Ma. De los Angeles Villareal, abt circa (1851)

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Spouse: Preciliano Villareal, abt circa (1861 – 1851)

7. Maria Villareal Villareal, abt. (1881)

Father: Preciliano Villareal, abt. Circa (1861 – 1851)

Mother: Ma. De Los Angeles Villareal, abt circa ((1851)

Spouse: Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, abt. Circa (1881)

8. Lorenzo Chapa Villareal, abt circa (1911)Mty. Nl, Mx; died April 9th, 1951

Father: Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, #3

Mother: Maria Villareal Villareal, #7

Spouse: 1st. Marriage: Lorenzo Chapa Villareal married Petra Vasquez, abt. (1815), on August 6, 1937 in Monterrey, NL, Mexico, she was 22 years old. She is the daughter of Estenislao Vasques and Leonarda Vaquez. There are no known children from this marriage.

2nd Marriage(Spouse): Maria Vallejo Moya, abt circa (1920). Lorenzo was either divorced from Petra Vasquez on or around 1940; or the union between Lorenzo and Maria Vallejo was a common law marriage. The fact is that Maria remained living with Lorenzo until his death, on April 9th, 1951.

Father: Manuel Vallejo, abt. Circa (1900 - 1890)

Mother: Dolores Moya, abt, circa (1900 - 1895)

Children from 2nd Marriage:

A) Maria de La Luz Chapa Vallejo, abt, circa 19940

B) Guadalupe Chapa Vallejo, dob, (12-10-1942)

C) Pedro Chapa Vallejo

9. Pablo Chapa Villareal, born, November 20, 1913, Mty. Nl, Mexico

Father: Bartolo Chapa Gonzalez, #3

Mother: Maria Villareal Villareal, #7

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Pablo had children but there are unknown?

NOTE: According to immigration records, Lorenzo and Pablo were migrating to US to work as laborers. Some of the known records indicate that they visiting relatives in US in Brownsville, Houston, San Antonio and Thayer, Texas. Some of the relatives they list as contacts in the US are: Abram(Abraham) Palcios, Jose Garcia, Doncio Treviño. At this time we do not know the location of their relative’s residence in US. What is known is that the Chapa’s and the Moya’s had relatives in Matamoros and El Empalme, Tamaulipas. El Empalme is a rural community between Matamoros and Rio Bravo, intersection to the road that leads to Valle Hermoso, Ten Miles South of the Rio Grande what we now know as los Indios.

The Moya’s have relatives in Villa de Santiago and El Cercado, NL, some who now live in San Antonio and Houston.

Los Indios is a bordertown in Cameron County, Texas, United States. The population was 1,149 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Brownsville–Harlingen Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Free Trade International Bridge connects Los Indios with Matamoros, Tamaulipas

THAYER, TEXAS. Thayer was a stop on the San Benito and Rio Grande Valley Railway, located off South U.S. Highway 281 three miles southeast of Mercedes in extreme southeastern Hidalgo County. The dispersed community had one store and an estimated population of twenty in 1930 and 1948, after which it was no longer shown on county maps. Its railroad station was abandoned in 1957

10. Manuel Vallejo, abt. Circa (1900 – 1890)

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Spouse: Dolores Moya

11. Dolores Moya, abt. Circa (1900 – 1895)

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Spouse: Manuel Vallejo


A) Maria Vallejo Moya, abt. Circa (1920)

B) Celia Vallejo Moya, abt.

C) Esthela Vallejo Moya

D) Mirtala Mora Vallejo or Moya; adopted child after parents death.
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