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Steve Travis (Granska inlägg)
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Willing to exchange info on the above Creek
and Chickasaw Indian Families of Escambia
County, Alabama.I have "much info" on these
families. William Dixon Moniac and wife Polly
Colbert. Sam Moniac and wife Betsey Weatherford.
Dixon Moniac and wife Betsey Ehlert. Arthur
Sizemore and wife Polly Bailey. George Wash
Taylor and wife Mary Matilda Taylor.Jack Coon/
John Rollin/Rolin and wife Polly Moniac John
Rolin and wife Rhoda Taylor.John Richard Roland
and wife Ella Williams.

Creek Families - Moniac, Lomax

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Efternamn: Nolan, Keller, Lomax, Nall, Etheridge, Boone
I am interested in the Moniac surname. Specifically I am interested in Matilda Moniac who married Sidney Lomax. Her father was Alexander Dixon Moniac. Her mother was Elizabeth Elliot/Ehlert. Matilda's Son Sidney Lomax married Rosetta Boone (daug. of John Jarvis Boone, Jr. and Martha Gross).

Any and all help on any of these lines would be appreciated.



Mary Larson (Granska inlägg)
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I am interested in Taylor branch. My grandmother, Margaret Taylor was daughter of John Taylor and Ann(e)Robertson (possibly from Escambia County). Margaret married Irvin Turner ca 1936 in Brewton. Do you know if John Taylor is related to the Taylors you mentioned? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Coon families

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Efternamn: Coon, Rusty
My ancestor John William Peavy, married Caroline Coon whose parents, I was told, were Peter Coon and Sarah Ann Rusty. I was also told that Caroline and her two sisters, Amanda and Sarah were Creek, Choctaw or Cherokee indian. The sisters married John W.'s brothers, Joshua and James. They lived in Monroe and Escambia counties, and one or two of the children were born in Florida-they all moved to Rapides Parish, Louisiana by 1860. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Any leads you can give me would also be appreciated. Louise

Margaret TAYLOR

Mary Larson (Granska inlägg)
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My previously listed message had an error. Margaret TAYLOR's mother was Anne ROBERSON (not 'Robertson')

TAYLOR, Dallas & Dorothy

Mona C. Spears (Granska inlägg)
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I am searching for descendants of Dallas and Dorothy Taylor who lived in Atmore, AL, 1977.

I corresponded with Dorothy in 1977 concerning her grandfather...Robert Stafford b. 1852 who also lived in Atmore. He married 1st Francis Russell, 2nd ????. She was a great help but I neglected to ask enough questions?

I am searching for information on Robert Stafford's children, from each wife.

Thanks for any clue's you might offer.

Taylor history

Joyce Smith (Granska inlägg)
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Efternamn: Taylor
I am searching for information on John L. Taylor, born 19 Apr 1873, married Minnie Stacey on 20 Jun 1895. Known children are: Eunice, Nettie Lou, Hubert - born Mar 1900, Kate - born May 1896. Father of John L. Taylor was Andrew Jackson Taylor - mother was Sarah Elizabeth Ross. John Taylor and family lived around Atmore, AL, Escambia CO.

Re: Creek Families - Moniac, Lomax

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Do you still need this information? Let me know. I may be able to help.


Re: Creek Families - Moniac, Lomax

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Yes, I am still interested!


Re: Creek Families - Moniac, Lomax

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Hi JC,

Because I have so much information on the Boone family I am sending this to you personally and posting it on the net just in case you don't receive it. I am just going to go down the list and tell you the Moniacs and Lomaxs' listed and how they relate. I am sure that since you have been researching this for a few years now you are well aware of the importance of the Moniac family and their relation to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Atmore, AL. If you have questions please let me know. Let me first tell you how my husband is related to the Moniacs. His gggGrandfather was John Jarvis Boone, Jr. His ggGrandmother was Martha Loraine Boone and His grandfather was George Washington Boone and his mother was Maggie Lee Boone Franklin. George Washington Boone married a black creek Indian named Mary Stowe. According to the information I have George's half brother John Francis Boone married Levita Moniac and his half brother Alexander Boone married Minerva Moniac the following is the info I have on their families:

John Francis Boone b 1853/54 d 1901 Parents John Jarvis Boone, Jr and Harriet Nancy Poston
Levita"Vicey" Moniac Boone b 1854 d 1891 Parents Sam Moniac and Susan Marlowe.


Charles Weatherford Boone
Woodrow Boone
Harriet N. Boone
Maggie Lee Boone
Susan L. Boone
Frank Leslie Boone
Daniel S. Boone
John Richard Boone
Clara Boone
Cora Boone
Amelia Moniac Boone
Alexander Boone
Charles Boone
Hattie Boone
Maggie Boone
Lesly Boone

The next Moniac listed is Minerva Moniac who married his great uncle Alexander Boone:

Alexander Boone b 1855 d 1918 Parents John Jarvis Boone, Jr and Harriet Nancy Poston
Minerva Moniac b 1860 d ? Parents David John Moniac and Sarah Katherine Hayles( later married Origine Boone )


Alex Boone
John David Boone
Ada Iora Boone
Ida Eloise Boone
Josephine Edith Boone
Katie Louise Boone
Mell V Boone
Elliot Marvin Boone
Mae Hortense Boone
Emory Eugene Boone
Linnie Olean Boone
Harold Alexander Boone
Lennie Mae Boone

The Lomaxs'

Rosetta Boone is listed as marrying two of the Lomax brothers. I believe them to be twins because the year of birth is the same, but the year of death is different. Her first husband was Sydney Lomax and the second husband was Sidney Lomax. The following is the information I have on their families:

Sydney Lomax b 1859 d 1912 Parents were Sydney Lomax and I am assuming Matilda Moniac because she is not listed as his mother.
Sidney Lomax b 1859 d 1878 Parents were Sydney Lomax and Matilda Moniac.
Rosetta Boone Lomax b 1861 d 1919 Parents were John Jarvis Boone, Jr and Martha Gross.


Vashtie Lomax
Mattie S. Lomax
Estelle Stella Lomax
Dora Lomax
Mary Matilda Lomax
James Tillman Lomax
Oliver Andrew Lomax
Joseph Sidney Lomax
Lander Lomax
Vashti Ada Lomax
Clyde Lomax (woman)
Willie Carl Lomax

Now that I have given you so many names, and probably confused you to death, I will let you cross check with your information and let me know if there is more I can offer. I have been trying to get more information on the Boone's and did they actually live in the Creek Nation. My husband's family is interesting because he has creek ties from his Grandfather's family as well as immediate ties on his Grandmother's family. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians are hesitant to open there books to anyone. They won't offer any information or even respond to correspondence. I understand how hard it is trying to get information, my husband's grandfather has been a ghost to the Boone family for over 40 years... They did not know about his first wife and 6 children. My mother in law went to her grave trying to find them. I fortunately found them in 2 weeks. I was able to get info starting with in ggggGrandfather John Jarvis Boone Sr starting in 1790. I also have all the information on his ggggGrandmohter Deramey Irene Tarvin and the Tarvin Line if you are interested.

Until Later
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